Seven intense days reveal diferent Évoras, none of them indiferent to the rhythm of Kepa Junkera, the Grammy Award-winning Basque musician.

For one week, Kepa experiences the city of the traditional choral group Cantares de Évora. He is received with an Alentejo style panada, a dish with a mixture of simple but genuine ingredients, just like the music that will come to birth.


The starting point is the fusion of Basque music and Alentejo Singing. Joining the mix are other invited artists with roots in the music of the Alentejo and with an ear to the world: Amílcar Vasques-Dias, António Bexiga, Beatriz Nunes, Carlos Menezes, Celina da Piedade, Galandum Galundaina, Gigabombos e Vozes do Imaginário, Mara, Mário Lopes and Vozes de Abril.

They combine trikitixa, piano, sewing machines, alboka and rattles, tambourines, drums and voices, musical instruments and sculptures, viola campaniça, txalapartas and Alentejo Singing. They fuse intangible and tangible heritage, create uncommon places, where the immortality of music meets the beauty of Évora.

There is a lot of hard work in these seven days. The rhythm is accelerated and it generates movement and action. Dozens of people and institutions from Évora are involved in a remarkable production. Photographers, flmmakers and sound technicians record everything so that in the future other memories can be constructed.

These photographs are part of this memory, refected in the eyes of António Carrapato, José Miguel Soares, Pedro Vilhena and Telmo Rocha. They focus on the interaction between musicians and space, freeze the moments of improvised, and sometimes profane, Kepa portraits, unravel complicities in backstage encounters.

Seven days passed, without Évora becoming indiferent to Kepa and without Kepa losing interest in Évora. Bridges were built between the Alentejo and Euskal Herria, new routes for Iberian and world music, for Culture. These are the as ÉVORAS em KEPA, the ones that remain in our collective memory.


José Coimbra

Évora, 28 June, 2018




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